Mindfully Mormon is a space for Latter-day Saints and those influenced by Latter-day Saint theology and doctrine to share their ideas and experiences with mindfulness and meditative practices from diverse disciplines.  In addition to welcoming general comments about these practices, we specifically invite contributions that explore the overlap between Eastern ways of thinking and LDS teachings.  Ultimately, we represent an informal community of individuals who are interested in exploring the gospel of Jesus Christ through this unique and remarkable alternative cultural lens of Eastern mindfulness/contemplative practice:  Could a mindful lens change how we think about (or experience) prayer, scriptures, revelation, service,  ‘doing your home teaching,’ the creation and fall, and the Savior Himself?  We think so…but we’re not completely sure.  We’re just enjoying the exploration…moment, by moment.

If you have something to contribute or offer this exploration, we would welcome your comments, no matter your background or perspective.  Contact Jacob (jzhess@gmail.com) if you would like to submit something or request becoming a regular contributor to the blog.

5 responses

  1. All truth is circumscribed into the one Whole ,why should we be surprised or fearful of where and when it is located.In his ” The Strength of the Mormon Position” Orson F. Whitney describes how all truth falls within what is “Mormonism”.

  2. Just discovering your blog, now. Can’t wait to dive in. I practice mindfulness meditation and am deeply enriched by both Buddhist and Mormon world views. Looking forward to being part of this space, Jacob. My blog is less focused on mindfulnessness, per se, but explores the dynamic tension between the two traditions. I’ll be linking to your great site soon! http://buddhainthebeehive.wordpress.com

    • Thanks, Lon. The interface between these two traditions is rich beyond belief – as you clearly already know. I look forward to dialogue together – and perhaps even some practice in the future. I’d love to orchestrate some Mindfully Mormon ‘date nights’ or ‘family nights’ with collaborators like yourself…Blessings to you, Jacob

  3. Very interesting blog. I used to occasionally go to a Buddhist service before my conversion to Mormonism. Through several experiences, I recently developed a new interest in mindfulness, especially the more Western approach and research behind it, and especially the concept of mindfulness as a way of life rather than a meditation practice. I have been thinking about the place of mindfulness in Mormonism and I actually see a lot of compatibility. I’m excited when I can connect the dots between glimpses of truth in seemingly different areas of life. I’m planning several blog posts of my own on this over the next weeks and months.

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