The Lord Was Not in the Earthquake (Michael Ferguson)

For me, one thread of mental resistance against meditation is the thought-pattern that goes something like this: “Meditation? Sitting? Being still? I have to DO something! Movement is what gets things done, not stillness!” The judgmental voice inside of me even preemptively criticizes those who may be drawn to meditation as people who are lazy, who are just looking for an excuse to not have to be doing work they should be doing in their own life.

What insanity these voices represent! Continue reading

Modern Anti-Nephi-Lehites (Michael Ferguson)

I am reading a book right now entitled “The Wisdom of Forgiveness” documenting the life experiences and teachings of the Dalai Lama about forgiving. In my reading, it is striking to me how much the Tibetan people are like a modern-day culture of Anti-Nephi-Lehites. In the book of Alma, the Lamanites that Ammon converted to the gospel way vowed never to take up their swords against their brethren. Even when other groups of Lamanites violently attacked them, the people of Anti-Nephi-Lehi demonstrated perfect commitment to their pledge of non-violence, and responded to the hatred of their brethren with pure love and concern for the well-being of those who were attacking them. Continue reading